We have received some requests to have a one-stop-shop reference in order to understand our pricing and its changes over time. We understand it can get confusing when catching up with all the updates! Here’s what you need to know:

  1. What is a legacy license?

    • Anything that falls under these license names:

      • Plus, Pro, Business, Prime, Teams

      • Desktop Plans

        • Solo, Personal, Developer, and Company

  2. What is the new plan called?

    • It simply goes by the name Insync license.

    • The one-time payment ($29.99) is referred to as Insync Basic, whereas the (optional) $19.99/year subscription is called Insync Care (email support + version updates).

  3. What is the difference between a legacy plan and the Insync license?

    • Unlike the legacy licenses, the new Insync license doesn’t have tiers – all features are already included. It’s a simplified approach to make it easier for users to make a purchase.

  4. I’m confused - which licenses support Insync Headless?

    • Plus, Pro, Business, Prime, and Teams support Insync Headless 1.x.

    • Desktop Plans do not support Insync Headless

    • The Server subscription (Office) supports Insync Headless 3. This is for users on a server.

    • The new Insync license supports Insync Headless for non-server users. But you have to install the desktop version first (also called GUI version) to be able to use the command line interface.

  5. What Insync Headless commands are supported for these licenses?

    • Plus, Pro, Business, Prime, and Teams - all CLI commands supported

    • Desktop Plans - insync start and insync quit

    • Server Subscription - all CLI commands

    • Insync license - all CLI commands

  6. I’m a legacy license holder. Am I required to change to the new license?

    • Nope! It’s totally optional.

  7. Does my new Insync license have access to the dashboard?

    • No, the dashboard access is not accessible to new Insync license holders as this only applies to one (1) account and is not transferable.

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