1. What do I do after purchase?

    1. Go to your Insync app and refresh your license. If you typed in the correct email and cloud storage, you will immediately see the correct license information on the app.

  2. I'm not seeing my license even after I've refreshed 10 times! What's next?

    1. Buying Insync includes 1 year of Insync Care (aka support from us ❤️), which means you can reach out for help! If you're having trouble seeing your license even after following Q1 above, there may be a chance that it was assigned to the wrong email address. To sort this out, please email support@insynchq.com with the following:

      1. Your receipt or PayPal transaction ID

      2. If you didn't get a receipt, then please provide your PayPal email or the last 4 digits of the card you used.

      3. The correct email address you want to use on Insync.

  3. I didn't select to auto-renew Insync Care. I change my mind! How can I continue receiving support from you guys?

    1. Go to the license tab on your app and click on the toggle to enable auto-renew. Then hit Refresh. :)

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