Blue sync badges

  • Check if your Base Folder is directed to a symlink/shortcut folder. If yes, redirect your Base Folder to the real location of your symlink folder.

Missing overlay icons

On Windows or Mac,

  • Uninstall any other syncing apps that are running. See more info here.

On Linux,

  • Make sure you've installed the file manager integration package. Not sure what this is? Check out file manager integration here.

Stuck syncing

  • Are you syncing any symlinks? If so, this is expected. Ideally, you should also have received a message prompt saying it’s not supported. You must unsync those symlinks and sync from the real location of your files.

  • Other workarounds:

    • Restart the app

    • Reboot your machine

    • Unsync and resync your stuck files

    • Upload your files from the Web and sync them to your local files

If these do not work and you don't mind trying any of the next steps below, please do so:

  • Remove and re-add your account in the app

  • Reinstall the app. Make sure you have our latest version here.

Stuck scanning

  • If the sync progress is moving along as expected, this is a potentially harmless UI bug

  • If the sync progress is stuck, this might be related to a rate limit error. Send your log files to

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