Important note: this discusses LEGACY LICENSES. What are legacy licenses? Check out Q7 here. Everything you need to know about legacy licenses can be found on this page - we housed all of the info in that domain for your convenience :)

  1. Are the legacy licenses on a one-time payment?

    1. Yes!

  2. Do I need one license per account?

    1. It depends. For Solo & Company, yes. For Personal and Developer, no since it supports unlimited accounts.

  3. Is it transferable?

    1. No, except the Company plan since you can do it via your dashboard. Here’s how.

  4. I bought a legacy license but I'm quite unsure what the next steps are. Can you help me?

    1. Check that you're on the latest version of our app.

    2. Make sure that the license you bought is linked to the correct account (refer to Q5 here if not).

    3. Follow this guide depending on which Desktop plan you bought.

  5. I bought the legacy license for the wrong account! What can I do?

    1. Shoot us an email at with the following information:

      1. The wrong account

      2. The correct account

      3. Proof of purchase (receipt or PayPal transaction ID)

  6. Is there a license key?

    1. Nope. Once you purchase the legacy license (assuming you entered the correct account), you only need to do the following:

      1. Go back to the Insync app

      2. Refresh your license

  7. I bought the legacy license but it’s still showing as trial on the app! What can I do?

    1. Is it for the correct account? If so, you might need to refresh your license on the app to update the information.

    2. If that doesn't work, there are a few common reasons for that, namely:

      1. The account you bought the license with and the account you're using on Insync are different. For this, you'll need to either a) add the account you bought the license with or b) request to transfer the license to the account on the app.

    3. If you've tried the solutions above and it doesn't budge, we’ll need to look into it. Please send us the following information:

      1. Account you’re syncing on the app

      2. Proof of purchase (receipt or PayPal transaction ID)

  8. I need a Solo/Personal/Developer plan for my personal account and a Company plan for my work account, but I want all my licenses linked to my personal account. Can I buy two different plans using the same account/email address?

    1. Absolutely! Once you’re done making your purchases, follow the instructions on Q4 of this article :)


  1. I am interested in upgrading from Prime/Pro/Plus/Business/Teams to Solo/Personal/Developer/Company. What are the steps?

    1. Click this guide to know how to upgrade to our Desktop plans. Make sure you’re choosing the correct plan that supports the features you need. Please refer to our legacy pricing page for more information.

  2. I lost some features! What happened?

    1. It’s possible that you chose a plan that doesn’t support the same features as your older license.

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