• Backup is not available on the older licenses (Plus, Pro, Business, Prime, and Teams). Users on these licenses must upgrade (see here).

  • Users who own a legacy Sync plan (Solo, Personal, Developer, and Company) must upgrade to the Sync & Backup edition.

  • Backup is included in the new Insync license ($29.99).

  • Backup is only for the Desktop version. It is not yet available for Server (Insync Headless).


  • Must be on Insync Desktop version 3.7.0 and higher

What if you already have a Desktop plan (Solo, Personal, Developer, or Company) and want to use Backup?

  • The plans we have prior to releasing backup are the Sync editions. You need to upgrade to the Sync & Backup edition through this link. Alternately, you can purchase a new Insync license which includes all features.

  • If you have a Personal plan, you must upgrade via the Personal plan as well. This applies to all the Desktop plans (i.e., If you’re on Developer, you must upgrade via the Developer plan, and so on).

What happens if you don’t get the add-on after the 15-day trial? This applies to both trial users and those that have purchased a Desktop plan.

  • Backup will simply stop. No files or folders will be deleted from your cloud account.

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