Here’s what the Backup & restore feature looks like:

Backup & Restore sections

Pause a Backup

If you want to pause your backup, hover on your Local Drive and click Pause backup.

Your backup will be paused and any changes locally will not be backed up to the cloud.

If you want to continue your backup again, click Resume backup.

Manage/add your folders

If you want to add or remove folders to your backup, click Manage.

Check on the folder that you want to add or remove on your backup and click Next. Choose the location where you want to backup your folders again and click Backup now.

Restore your backup

If you want to restore your backup, click on Restore.

Choose the folder that you want to restore and click Restore.

Rename your Local Drive

Default Local Drive names can be too long. You can click Rename to change your Local Drive name.

Type your preferred Local Drive name then click Save.

Deleting a backup

Delete your backup copy if you no longer need it. Click on Delete then Delete backup. This action will not delete your local copies, just your backup copy in the cloud.

To know more about how Backup works, click here.

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