The most common use case we have for dual boot is using a shared partition for Insync (ie OS A and B use the same Base Folder). There are a couple of requirements to use dual boot on Insync, namely:

  • User has to be on at least Desktop v3.6.0 or Server (Headless) v3.1.7.

  • For Desktop versions: license requirement is either a Developer or Company plan.

Below are the steps to achieve a dual boot setup with Insync.

Onboarding and account setup:

  1. Add the account on OS A. Make sure to select a Base Folder in a shared partition or drive

  2. Selectively sync your files or folders after setting up the account.

  3. Switch to OS B.

  4. Add the account on OS B. During onboarding, set the same Base Folder location as in OS A (Step 1).

  5. After setting the Base Folder location, the sync status should be the same as OS A, and should eventually sync the files or folders selected on Step 2.

To learn more about the other features of Insync, check out our UI Guide.

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