There are cases where users decide to change their sync location. Here's how:

NOTE: This help article uses a Google Drive account as an example. The same steps apply for OneDrive and Dropbox accounts.

1. Run Insync 3 Headless on your machine.

2. Use the selective-sync command to show your files on My Drive (OneDrive uses "Files" whereas Dropbox uses "All Files").

3. Press CTRL + X and select Move base folder. The screenshot below shows how it looks like if a user wants to move their My Drive base folder.

4. You can also move the base folder for Shared with me or Shared Drives by selecting Switch to [Shared with me/Shared Drives] and following Step 3. (OneDrive uses Files/Shared/SharePoint while Dropbox has All Files/Shared/Teams).

5. Choose the new path and confirm new path.

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