Important note: this discusses LEGACY LICENSES. What are legacy licenses? Check out Q7 here. Everything you need to know about legacy licenses can be found on this page - we housed all of the info in that domain for your convenience :)

Personal and Developer Plans

These plans include unlimited licenses. You can simply remove the account you do not need to be synced and add the account/s you want to sync.

Company plan

  1. Go to your dashboard to assign or re-assign the Company plan to your preferred account.

  2. Click on the Company tab

  3. Remove the currently assigned account to your license

  4. Assign the new account you want to use your license with. You will get a pop-up window to confirm this action. Note that you will not lose access to the dashboard -- you are simply removing the license from the account.

If you bought the plan for the wrong owner account, please reach out to and include your invoice.

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