You can access the buy paths for our revised plans here.

If you're on an old license (Plus, Pro, Business, Prime, or Teams), here are the steps to upgrade to the new plans. You will first need to login to the Insync website:

If you're on Plus:

1. Click on Pricing at the top and select a plan: SOLO, PERSONAL, DEVELOPER, OR COMPANY

2. Proceed to checkout. If you are having trouble accessing your new plan, please reach out to with the following:

  • Your most recent invoice (ie the receipt of the newly purchased plan)

  • Your Insync account

If you're on Pro, Business, Prime, or Teams:

1. Once logged in to the website, click Dashboard on the upper right, go to your accounts, and then click Change to new plan. For this example, we will be using an account on a Prime license (29.99USD) to be upgraded to Personal (39.99USD).

3. A pop-up window will appear. Choose the new plan from the dropdown list. We recommend clicking the "compare current plan" button so you can see the differences between the old license and the one you are about to upgrade to.

Then, click the blue Upgrade for $X USD button.

4. Review the amount. The discount shows the difference you will need to pay for the upgrade. Enter a valid payment information and confirm the email address for the invoice. Then, click Pay now.

5. You will be taken to the Success page. Note that the "What's next?" instructions are different for Personal/Developer and Company. For this example, we'll use Developer and Company.

Don't see your license plans right away? Make sure your account has been added on the Insync app, then try refreshing your license.

Still have issues? Shoot us an email at :)

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