Disclaimer: Prime and Teams are no longer being offered to new users starting on March 2021. For existing users who plan to purchase additional Prime/Teams licenses, please do so via your dashboard and not through the buy page.

Is Prime/Teams a one-time payment?

  • Yes, our Prime and Teams licenses are a one-time purchase and valid for a lifetime.

What is the difference between Prime and Teams?

  • The main difference between our Prime and Teams is Teams allows for Shared Drives or SharePoint syncing. Prime only allows basic My Drive/Files and Shared With Me/Shared syncing.

Do I need one Prime or Teams license per computer?

  • No. The Prime or Teams license is attached to your account and not to your machine. This means you can access the same account on multiple computers.

Do I need a Prime or Teams license per account?

  • Yes! Prime and Teams licenses are on a per-account basis. If you have one (1) Google Drive/OneDrive account + one (1) Google Drive/OneDrive account, you’ll need two (2) licenses.

Does the Teams license mean I get to sync more than 1 account?

  • No. The Teams license allows you to access your Shared Drives or SharePoint folders which are additional storage features of Google Drive and OneDrive.

Can I transfer my Prime or Teams license?

  • Prime and Teams licenses are only transferable within the 30-day money back guarantee period. After which, you'll need to purchase a new license for your other email.

My OneDrive email address is the same as my Google Drive email address. Will I need to purchase a new license for my OneDrive account?

  • Yes, because they are two different accounts. Our Prime and Teams licenses are on a per account basis, so you’ll need to purchase a license for every email you want to sync on each cloud provider.

Do you offer a student discount?

I just bought a license but the app says I’m still on Trial. What do I do?

Send us the following details at support@insynchq.com:

  • Email that you used to purchase the license

  • PayPal Transaction ID or Receipt of Purchase

  • Email you want your license assigned to

If you’re using a OneDrive account, please send the following as well:

  • Your settings.db file

  • Alias e-mail address of your OneDrive account

Will my volume discounts be counted if I purchase multiple licenses for OneDrive together with Google Drive?

  • Yes! Any multiple Prime or Teams license purchase will automatically activate our volume discounts. Make sure to login to your web dashboard for discounts.

Will I still get volume discounts if I purchase licenses for OneDrive based on my existing Google Drive license?

  • Yes, as long as you're logged into your Prime/Teams web dashboard, then we’ll be able to recognize your old accounts and give you your discount. Note that this is only applicable for Prime and Teams licenses.

I still have some unallocated Prime/Teams licenses on my account, can I use it for OneDrive?

  • Yes, just assign the license to the email you want to sync through the web dashboard.

It says my Plus license has expired! What happened?

You just downloaded our latest version, Insync 3 and this does not support Plus Licenses. You'll need to upgrade to Prime to be able to use the latest version. Our Insync 3 licensing is further explained here. When we had the older licensing model, Plus licenses were available for 1.x versions. There are two options for you to choose from:

  • Stay on version 1.5

  • Upgrade to Prime or Teams so you can continue using Insync 3

Where can I upgrade my license? What if I only want Prime and decide I need Teams later on?

  • You can upgrade your license to teams by going here. You can purchase Prime right now and go to our upgrade page if and when you need to switch to Teams. Licenses may not be downgraded afterwards.

Where can I get an invoice?

You may refer to this guide. If you paid via PayPal and need your VAT, you can e-mail us the following details at support@insynchq.com:

  • Company name

  • Company address

  • VAT

  • PayPal transaction ID

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