To configure your account, use insync-headless account [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS] . . ..


  • add allows you to add an account via auth code.

Subcommands of add:

  • -a, --auth-code TEXT is the auth code received from signing in at<CLOUD>. This is required. For example:

  • -c, --cloud [gd|od] specifies the cloud provider to add the account for: Google Drive (gd) or OneDrive (od). This is required. For example: insync-headless account add -c gd -a AUTH CODE

  • -p, --path TEXT sets the path to sync your files to. This is also called the Base Folder.

  • -e, --export-option [LINK|MS_OFFICE|OPEN_DOCUMENT] to pick an export option for Google-format items.


  • list provides a list of existing accounts.

  • remove allows you to remove an account.

Subcommand of remove:

  • -c, --cloud [gd|od] specifies the cloud provider of the account to remove: Google Drive(gd) or OneDrive (od).

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