The Conflicts resolution feature allows you to choose which version will be kept when a local change competes with a cloud change, and vice versa. 

Let's say you have a file that you synced locally. You paused syncing on Insync and made a local change. While still paused, you proceeded to make a change in the cloud using the web. When you resume syncing, you will be notified via a message in the Conflicts tab. The Insync tray icon will also have a red “X” to indicate the conflict.

You have the option to correct this conflict from the dropdown menu that appears with the message. You have the option to either keep local changes and upload or keep cloud changes and download.

Once you’ve decided which version to keep, you can choose whether it’s a one-time action or to set it as the default action for conflicts.

The scenario is the same if you make a cloud change, and later on a local change as shown below.

Both options (one-time and default) will move the message from the Conflicts tab to the Activity Feed.

If you choose the default option, the conflict resolution settings will change in your Account Settings. 

You can change this setting anytime. Insync will always ask you to confirm before proceeding.

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