You can share files and manage sharing options without going to the web browser. This article shows how to share using a Google account, but the same steps apply to OneDrive.

Sharing files under Account view

1. Open the Insync app window.

2. Go to the file you want to share.

3. Hover over the file and click the Share icon.

4. A pop-up window will provide the link for sharing as well as the permission settings. This window will allow you to add specific people by entering their email address and sending them a notification via email. Show advanced options will take you to more settings such as visibility and editing permissions. Click Done afterwards.

For Shared Drives: Share files via the app

1. Open the Insync app window.

2. Go to Shared Drives and hover on the file or folder you want to share.

3. Click the Share icon. A pop-up window will appear and provide the link.

Add the users and select their access levels via the drop-down menu. Click Notify People to send an email notification. You can also add a custom message and send a copy to yourself. Click Share and Done.

You can change the access levels for the current sharees by clicking the drop-down menu beside their names. Select the access you prefer and click Save.

Sharing files via Base Folder

You can also share files by right-clicking the item on your Base Folder. Click Insync > Share. The same pop-up window will appear on your app as explained above.

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