Changes in the Feed UI are from version 3.4.x onwards.

The Feed allows you to keep track of the sync activities such as downloads, uploads, shares, deletes, and the like.

Users will be able to filter the Feed by account and/or activity type, and add a star beside the activity that they frequently use.

Feed messages

There are multiple message types on the Activity Feed which depend on the action done.

Sync: uploads, downloads, and unsyncs

Shares: outgoing, incoming, and unshared

Deletes: files removed either locally or via cloud

Additions: creation of files via browser or non-Insync app

Edits: changes made on a file

Moves: moving of files or folders to another location

Renames: renaming files or folders

Ignore Rules: when a file is not synced because it matches a rule


There are two timestamps logged on the Activity Feed: when the action was done (performed) and when Insync detected the action (generated).

Performed on (grey text) pertains to the actual timestamp when the action was done. Generated on (blue text) refers to the time when the app received the changes from either local or cloud.

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