Insync 3 integrates its trash feature with the user’s system trash folder. Synced files that are remotely deleted or unshared with you will go to your system trash (Trash for Mac/Linux and Recycle Bin for Windows). 

What are the two types of Insync deletes on a user’s machine?

  • Remote:  i.e. If Folder A is deleted on Machine 1, it gets deleted from Machine 2 if it's synced

  • Unshared with you: i.e. Folder A is owned by User B and shared to User A. If Folder A is synced on User A's computer, User B unsharing it with him will lead to Folder A being deleted on User A's computer

What if you delete a synced file/folder from your filesystem, file manager or an app you use?

  • Insync will detect the change and sync it (i.e. delete the file/folder) on Google Drive or OneDrive

  • Insync doesn't have control whether it goes to your system trash (Trash  or Recycle Bin )

How can files be retrieved after deletion?

  • Users can browse the deletes in their file manager’s trash and recover if needed. 

  • For troubleshooting or investigating deletes, users can go to their Google Drive/OneDrive trash or local system trash.

Note: Users can empty their system trash to recover space. 

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