What is Selective Sync?

Selective Sync allows you to choose which file or folder you want to sync. By the name itself, it selectively syncs items to and from your drive. It has two options to allow you to control your syncing better: Cloud Selective Sync and Local Selective sync.

Cloud Selective Sync syncs files from the cloud to your computer. Local Selective Sync syncs folders (not individual files) from your computer to the cloud. This is often used by users who have folders outside of their Base Folder (main sync location) and want to sync it to the cloud.

Cloud Selective Sync

You can use Cloud Selective Sync (CSS) to enter into a selective sync mode to easily sync the items from your cloud to your machine.

Option 1: Bulk CSS

Clicking Cloud Selective Sync (CSS) will open the selective sync mode, which will show tick boxes beside your files. You can now choose if you’d like to sync 1-way or 2-way. You can also double click to expand on folders to selectively sync its contents.

Option 2: Do CSS on a few files

You can also sync your files by hovering beside the item and clicking either 1-way sync` or `2-way sync. We'll use the latter for the example below.

If you sync a folder, Insync will ask you where you want to sync it: Base folder, merge with a folder or drive, or inside folder or drive. To know what each option would do, click here.

Remember that green checks mean that all contents of the files are synced, yellow checks mean that contents are partially synced, and blue arrows mean that the contents of the folder is still syncing. More on Insync badges here.

Local Selective Sync

Insync 3 introduces a new feature called Local Selective Sync to allow you to easily sync items from your machine to your cloud without ever leaving our UI!

To start, simply click on the Local Selective Sync icon on the Insync UI.

This will open up a window to your file manager, which will allow you to select the folder that you want to sync to your Drive account. Like Cloud Selective Sync, you can also choose if you’d like to sync 1-way or 2-way. For this example, we’ll choose 2-way.

Once you select the folder, you will be asked to select how you want to sync it -- as a top-level folder, as a subfolder, or merge it with another folder.

For this example, we'll choose the first option. After selection, it will appear on your Insync UI, with the local path displayed.

Should you choose to unsync the folder you synced via Local Selective Sync, it will still remain on your Drive. More on unsyncing behaviors here.

1-way Sync

We released the 1-way sync feature on version 3.4.0 and created a separate guide for you. Check it out here!

If you have more questions on selective syncing that this guide did not answer, feel free to email us at: support@insynchq.com

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