Will your prices change now that you have OneDrive support?
No. Our prices of $29.99 for Prime and $49.99 for Teams will remain the same.

I already have an Insync license for my Google Drive account, will I need to purchase another one for OneDrive?
Yes. Our licenses are on a per account basis so you’ll need to purchase a separate one for each Google Drive or OneDrive account you want to sync. Login to your dashboard to avail of our volume discounts.

My OneDrive email address is the same as my Google Drive email address. Will I need to purchase a new license for my OneDrive account?
Yes, because they are two different accounts. Our licenses are on a per account basis, so you’ll need to purchase a license for every email you want to sync on each cloud provider.

What is the difference between Prime and Teams on OneDrive?
A Prime license will allow regular OneDrive syncing. 

Teams is our Prime license + Sharepoint syncing. 

I have OneDrive for Business. What kind of license will I need?
If your business doesn’t use Sharepoint, then a Prime license is enough. However, if you do, then it’s highly recommended you get Teams.

Will my volume discounts be counted if I purchase multiple licenses for OneDrive together with Google Drive?
Yes! Any multiple license purchase will automatically activate our volume discounts. Make sure to login to your web dashboard for discounts.

Will I still get volume discounts if I purchase licenses for OneDrive based on my existing Google Drive license?
Yes, as long as you're logged into your web dashboard, then we’ll be able to recognize your old accounts and give you your discount.

I still have some unallocated Prime/Teams licenses on my account, can I use it for OneDrive?
Yes, just assign the license to the email you want to sync through the dashboard.

Will my Pro and Business subscriptions be applicable to OneDrive accounts as well?
Yes! Simply access your dashboard to purchase and allocate licenses. 

What if I’m on Plus/Pro/Business and I want to use my account to sync my OneDrive? Is that possible?
Yes it’s possible on Pro and Business. However, Plus users will need to upgrade to Prime first.

If you're on a Plus (@gmail.com) license you can upgrade to Prime for free. Once on Prime, you can easily purchase another license for your OneDrive account. If you haven't upgraded, email support@insynchq.com as upgrades for Plus (@gmail.com emails only) is free. 

For Plus (GSuite) license, you'll need to upgrade to a Prime license before you can purchase a license for your OneDrive account. You'll be able to get 30% discount off your Prime/Teams license if you're upgrading.

For Pro and Business accounts, you just need to access your dashboard to purchase and allocate your licenses to a OneDrive account. 

I'm switching emails/services soon, can I transfer my license to my new email/service?
If your license purchase is past the 30-day money back guarantee, transfers are not allowed :( You can only transfer/reallocate licenses if you're on our (grandfathered) Pro and Business pricing plans.

If you have more licensing questions, just email support@insynchq.com and our team will be more than happy to help.

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