Insync is set to Do not Convert Google format files by default. Double-clicking synced files on your Base Folders will open your web browser.


  • Docs Conversion will sync the Google file to either Office or OpenDocument format on your machine, but will sync back to Google Drive as Google format (i.e. the file will be .docx or .odt on your machine. When you access, the same file will show as .gdoc)

  • This feature requires the original file to be in Google formats. If you have an original .docx or .odt file locally, it will not convert it to the cloud.

  • This works on new and existing items in your Google Drive. Docs Conversion will work retroactively.

  • Docs Conversion is only applicable for Google Accounts.

How to set Insync to automatically convert Google Docs

1. Click Account Settings on the lower left of your app window and select on Docs Conversion on the upper panel.


3. Choose if you want to convert your Google Doc files to Microsoft Office or OpenDocument.

4. Click Apply to save your settings.

Accessing converted files

NOTE: Currently, double-clicking converted files via the app UI (Cloud Browser) will open it on the web. 

To access the converted files locally, hover on the item and click Open Location. This opens your Base Folder with your files in either MS Office or OpenDocument format.

The following formats cannot be converted:









These are Insync formats we use to open GDoc files via the web browser. 

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