• You can ignore both new and old files. Files that have been previously synced will be unsynced if it matches a rule.
  • The Ignore Rule works for specific file types, folder names and relative paths. 
  • Entries are case-sensitive. 
  • One line in the Ignore Rule is one entry.
  • The Ignore Rules supports full gitignore syntax.
  • Ignoring symlinks is currently not supported.

Accessing Ignore Rules on the UI

1. Click Account Settings  and select Ignore Rules.

2. Click on the white text box, type in the rule, and click Apply to confirm. 

Using syntax to enter the rules

  • To ignore a file and folder by name, enter [file/folder name]. Note that the file and folder must have the same exact name (ie Images will ignore all files and folders with Images).
  • To ignore paths, enter its relative path* to the Base Folders. You can access the file path from your UI's My Drive or Files tab by clicking Open Location. Right-click the file or folder and view Properties. The Ignore Rule syntax supports forward slashes (/) as path separators, so the rule to add is Submissions/Google Photos/2013).
  • To ignore specific file types, enter *.[file type] as shown below:
  • To ignore all foldeRs and files ending with a specific text, just enter *[text]. For example, *smart will ignore all files ending exactly with smart (ie abcsmart and xyz-smart).
  • To ignore all folders and files starting with a specific text, just enter [text]*. For example, smart* will ignore all folders and files starting exactly with smart (ie smartabc and smart-xyz). 
  • To ignore any file containing a specific text, enter *[text]*. For example, *smart* will ignore all files such as abcsmartxyz, abcsmart, smartxyz, aaa-smart, etc).

Ignore Rules behaviour

A previously synced file that matches a rule will be unsynced. 

A new file from the cloud that matches a rule will not be synced to your computer. You will be notified via the Actions tab. Click Dismiss to clear all actions. 

If you're encountering any issues with the Ignore Rules, send a message via chat or email us at

*Relative paths explained:

"Relative path" means basically just the part of the full path AFTER the Base Folder path:

The Ignore Rule to add in this case would be just Submissions\Google Photos\2013  and NOT C:\Users\Alex\Insync\\Submissions\Google Photos\2013 

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