Insync goes Multicloud

Add either Google Drive or OneDrive accounts by clicking the icon on the upper right-hand. 

Sync multiple items with Selective Sync Mode

We’ll use a OneDrive account for this section, but this UI also applies for your Google Drive accounts. 

1. To sync multiple items, toggle the Selective Sync Mode icon on the upper right-hand corner. Mark the boxes beside each file or folder you want to sync. 

2. To sync all of the files inside your Drive, click Select all  and click Sync.

Sync individual files and folders quickly via the on-hover Shortcuts 

1. To sync a single file or an entire folder to the Base Folder, hover and click Sync .

2. To open a synced file from your Base Folder, click Open location

3. To open a synced file on the web, click View on OneDrive Web (or Google Drive web if you’re using a Google account). 

4. Unsync a file or folder by clicking the last icon on the on-hover Shortcuts.

Changing your Base Folder location

Base Folders are your local sync folders assigned for Google Drive (My Drive, Shared with me, Team Drives) or OneDrive (Files, Shared, SharePoint). To change your Base Folder location, click on Selective Sync Mode and select Change.

A pop-up window will appear that allows you to select a new location outside of your Base Folder.

The Feed

The Feed still contains our classic tabs such as Activity, Progress, Incoming Shares, Actions Required, and Errors. For the current beta version, only Errors is available. The other sections will have an “under construction” sign. 

Cloud Browser

The Cloud Browser can be accessed by clicking on your OneDrive or Google Drive account. This is where you can browser your Google Drive files (My Drive, Shared with me, Team Drives) and OneDrive files (Files, Shared, SharePoint) and perform other actions like syncing.  

View OneDrive or Google Drive files on the web by clicking View on OneDrive Web  or View on Google Drive Web. Access synced files by clicking Open Base Folder

Account Settings

Hover on your Google or OneDrive Account profile picture and click on Account Settings  to see account-specific settings such as Ignore Rules, Docs Conversion, Stats, Base Folders and License Information.

For this beta version, only the License Information is available which allows you to remove your account if you need to. 

 If you have any questions about the Insync 3 UI, shoot an email to



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