Follow these steps before downloading the appropriate Insync 3 build for your machine. 

1. Take note of the file path of your current sync folder (Base Folder). 

2. Quit and uninstall v.1.5.7. Backup all your data. Do not delete any local folders.

3. Download Insync 3 and refer to our Google Drive and OneDrive setup guides for more info.

4. When choosing your Base Folder (ie where all your files are synced), do not use the existing sync folder from v1.5.7. Start with a fresh setup. 

This is to preserve your directory because the beta version is still missing features that will interfere with your v1.5.7 settings. We encourage using the default Base Folder that Insync will create.

5. Follow our selective sync guides for Google Drive and OneDrive to start syncing your files.

If you encounter any bugs or issues, email us by clicking Send feedback at the bottom left of the app window. 

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