Checking where your Insync Base Folder is:

1. Open the Insync app.

2. Click on your Google, OneDrive, or Dropbox account.

3. Click on the tool icon to reveal the Base Folder location.

Moving the location of your Base Folder

1. To move the location of your Base Folder to another directory, click Change.

2. Remember to select a location outside of your current Base Folder. You can also choose an external or network drive as your Insync folder by following the same steps above. Click OK to save the changes. 


  • Insync will not re-download or resync your files when you change Base Folders. :)

  • Do not delete your local folder if you want to move locations. Since Insync is a two-way sync tool, this action is considered a local change that would be synced to the cloud, and would therefore cause cloud deletions.

  • If you are re-adding your Insync account without previously removing your config/program files, do not use an empty base folder. Doing so will result to data loss. Insync will detect the now empty folder and assume all contents were removed, hence syncing this as a cloud deletion.

  • If you are using an external drive as your Base Folder, it is expected to see a "folder missing" message when you disconnect the drive while Insync is running. Plug it back and sync should resume automatically.

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