Insync 3 brought in major upgrades with minimal changes to the app's UI (e.g. OneDrive syncing). So while the app may look the same, it feels different entirely --in a good way, of course!

That’s because underneath the app is a brand new sync engine (that we rebuilt from the ground up) to improve your syncing experience in terms of speed, reliability, and swag 😎

Say hello to Core 3, baby!

What exactly is Core 3? 

Core 3 is our new, revved up sync engine and it’s responsible for making Insync 3 the most powerful version yet. 

How exactly? We’re glad you asked 😉

Core Improvements

When our devs rebuilt the sync engine, they did two things: 

  1. Rewrote and simplified our code using Python 3  

  2. Improved internal processes (e.g. automated testing) 

This resulted in the following Core 3 improvements, which helps you... 

  • Sync files faster ⏱

  • Sync more reliably 🛠

  • Get new features faster (OneDrive’s just the beginning) ⚡️

... while Core 3 helps us:

  • Add features more easily (and other cloud providers!) 🧙🏻‍♂️

  • Release versions at a faster rate 🏁

  • Easily squash pesky bugs 🐛

Take Insync 3 for a ride 🏎

We could go on all day about Core 3 but the best way to see it in action is to try it out yourself. So go on and download Insync 3 right now!

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