This guide focuses on syncing features. To use Backup, head here.

To easily select and deselect a number of files and folders you want to sync, use our Selective Sync feature. Learn how to use this below:

Cloud Selective Sync

1. Sync cloud files to your local machine with Cloud Selective Sync. Click the icon on the right side of the Insync app window and choose 2-way or 1-way sync.

2. To select all files and folders, click Select all. Files and folders with a green check mark indicate that it’s already synced to your Base Folder.

3. Double-click on a folder to expand it.

4. Select the parent folder to automatically include all the children for syncing. Folders with a yellow check mark indicate that it’s partially synced.

5. Click 2-way sync (or 1-way sync) to save all the syncing changes. Click Undo to revert changes. Click Cancel to leave the Selective Sync mode without making any changes.

You can also selectively sync individual files by hovering on the file and clicking the sync icon on the right. You can select 1-way sync or 2-way sync.

Local Selective Sync

1. Sync local folders to Google Drive web with Local Selective Sync. Click the icon on the right side of the Insync app window.

2. A pop-up window will appear. Select the folder and Insync will prompt you to choose if you want to sync the folder directly under My Drive, as a subfolder, or merge the contents with an existing folder.

For this help guide, we’ll choose the first option. The file path beside your synced local folder indicates its location on your computer.

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