Unfortunately, Insync 3 (with OneDrive support), will no longer support the command line interface (CLI).  However, users who need CLI support or want to use Insync headless can use Insync 1.5.7 or 1.5.7 headless under the following conditions

  • No version updates

  • Google Drive syncing only (no OneDrive)

  • Support via forums only (no email)

Why is this happening?

Our devs rewrote our core sync engine (we call her “core 3”) using Python 3 for Insync 3.  Core 3 allows us to develop (i.e. add features) and debug faster (i.e. fix bugs).

Because of the limited time and resources, we’ve decided to sideline the command line feature and headless builds. We’re no longer listing CLI as a feature on our website, and we’re removing headless builds from our downloads page.

Is this the end of Insync headless and CLI support?

We want to revisit headless and command line support when we’re capable of giving it the love and attention it deserves.

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Download Insync 1.5.7 here (GUI + CLI)

Download Insync Headless:

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