1.5 User Interface

1.5 brings Insync to the foreground. On top of reliable background syncing, we built an interface that feels more like a desktop app.

Insync 1.5 on Windows. This UI will be uniform across every OS.

Syncing files

Sync multiple items with Selective Syncing

1. To sync multiple items, toggle the Selective Sync icon on the upper right-hand corner. Mark the boxes beside each file or folder you want to sync. 

2. To sync all of the files inside your Drive, click Select all  and click Apply .

Sync individual files and folders

1. To sync a single file or an entire folder in its default location, hover and click Sync to default location. 

2. To sync a top-level folder to a separate location, click on Sync to custom location. This is only applicable to top-level folders and all its contents. 

Home View

The Home view still contains our classic tabs such as Activity Feed, Progress, Incoming Shares, Actions Required, and Errors.

Account View

The Account View can be seen by clicking on your Google Account. This is solely dedicated to syncing your different drives such as My Drive, Shared with Me, and Team Drives. 

Account Settings

Hover on your Google Account profile picture and click on Account Settings  to see account-specific settings such as Ignore list, Conversion, Stats, and License


Access commonly used features by clicking on the shortcuts beside each file or folder. Hover on the icons to reveal features such as Sync to custom location , Sync to default location , Preview , and Copy link to name a few. 


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