We have internal tools and processes available to help you exercise your data rights. Here's how to send data requests.

Data deletion 

If you want Insync to delete all data collected, kindly follow the steps indicated below if you're still using the Insync app: 

  1. Open your Insync app

  2. Remove the Google Account in question. You can refer to this how-to guide

  3. Send a request to support@insynchq.com with the subject "Please delete my data". Make sure you are emailing from the same Google Account you wish to be deleted.

If you are no longer using the Insync app, simply send us an email to request for data deletion. Please follow Step 3 above. 

You will receive a confirmation email from us that the request has been received. We will wait for your reply and only then can we proceed to remove all data. After which, we'll inform you once we have completed the request.

Data Export

If you would like to know what data Insync has stored, kindly send an email to support@insynchq.com with subject "Request to access data". Remember to email from the same Google Account you're requesting data on. 

We will reply to confirm this request and proceed to send you all the data we have collected. 

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