This happens when the main folder becomes empty (after previously having contents). This is done to prevent trashing everything on Google Drive.

How to resolve

  • If no issue, click on the drop-down arrow button and select Resume syncing.
  • Sometimes, the user replaces the Insync folder with an empty folder expecting that it will begin syncing afresh. This will not work; you must not replace any of the Insync folders with an empty folder with the idea that it will download files from Google Drive. In fact, it would make Insync trash the sync'd files, on Google Drive web after it realizes that all the files that were present in the Insync folder previously have now been removed locally. If you want to start afresh, you need to remove account and add it/set up again.
  • If the above does not apply to you, and files were deleted unintentionally, please send your log files to
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