These badges indicate the status of your Insync


The blue badge with two arrows means Insync is currently syncing. 

If the badge is on a folder, it means the folder is still syncing.


The green badge with a check means that your files have already synced.


The yellow check can mean two things:

  1. You migrated and re-used your 1.x folder (as explained in our Migration Guide). Yellow checks mean these were previously synced in 1.x. When you expand the top-level folders, the contents will still have green checks on them if you selected all of them to sync.  
  2. If you only synced some items under a top-level folder (partial syncing).


The red "X" on your Insync icon means you have pending Attention Required items. You can resolve this by opening the app window and going to Attention Required. If there are unresolved errors, you may report them to

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