If you can't access the app window for any reason, scroll down to the next section in this guide.

1. Open the Insync app window. If you can’t access or open the Insync UI, scroll down for further instructions.

2. Hover on the button on the top right and select Help.

3. Under Log File, click Open log to launch your file manager.

4. You will be brought to the location of your log files. We’ll need the logs.db and out.txt files for investigation, but we might also request for the live and data folders, depending on the issue you reported.

How to find your logs from your file manager:



You can copy and paste this path directly into Explorer’s address bar, and it will automatically open the folder containing the logs.


~/Library/Application Support/Insync

You can copy this path and paste it into Finder’s Go -> Go to Folder… (Shift + ⌘ + G).



Most file managers support copying this path and pasting it into their location bar.

Send the attachment to support@insynchq.com. The logs can be compressed before sending to save space.

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