With the release of Insync 1.4 and our capability to sync Team Drives comes a new Teams license.

Here are some commonly asked questions about our new license:

Difference between Prime vs. Teams.

Our Prime license will allow you to sync your individual Google Drive with your computer. Our Teams license will have access to Team Drives syncing + other Teams-only features that will be made available in future updates.


A Teams license costs a one-time payment of $49.99 per Google account. This includes lifetime support + access to future core updates of Insync.

You can purchase multiple licenses and avail of a volume discount by accessing your dashboard.

Upgrading from Prime to Teams

Simply pay the $20 difference between Prime and Teams to upgrade. You can upgrade your account by accessing your dashboard.

Upgrading from Plus, Pro or Business to Teams

All Plus, Pro and Business accounts can upgrade to Teams with a 30% discount at $34.99 one-time! Say goodbye to yearly subscriptions. 

You can check what license you have by either accessing the Account Settings in the Insync app or your dashboard.

What if I’m on Pro or Business and I don’t want to buy a Teams plan?

You can keep your Pro or Business account. You will have access to Team Drives syncing but you will still retain your yearly subscription.

Difference between Plus, Pro, Business, Prime and Teams

While Pro, Business and Teams all get Team Drives syncing + the Teams-only features in the future, there are some differences when it comes to pricing and license transferability. Here’s a table for comparison:

Registering your email for a license

While Google recognizes that certain emails are one and the same (eg: insynchq@gmail.com, insync.hq@gmail.com, insynchq@googlegmail.com, insync.hq@googlemail.com), our system, unfortunately, does not. When buying a license, make sure that you are putting the exact email address that you want to sync.

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