If you've upgraded to macOS Sierra (10.12), you may encounter some issues with Insync and iCloud sync. Specifically:

  • Error messages or dialog boxes when moving files into your Insync folder.

  • Conflicting sync icons on the items inside your Insync folder (or folders added to Insync or syncing via symlinks).

  • (If iCloud optimized storage is turned on, and your hard drive is running out of space) Files on Google Drive being trashed and replaced by *.iCloud placeholder files

These issues occur when your Insync folder is inside your Desktop or Documents folder, and these locations are being synced by iCloud.

You may avoid these issues in a few different ways:

  • Move your Insync folder out of Desktop or Documents.

  • Turn iCloud sync off.

We highly recommend that you don't sync your files with both iCloud and Insync at the same time to avoid these and any other possible syncing issues.

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