Find or change the location of your Insync folder via the Insync app window. You can also change the location of a folder synced here.

Find your Insync folder

1. Open the Insync app window. For Linux users using the command line, click here instead. 

2. Go to your Google Account (headshot icon).

3. Click on Folder Settings as seen below.

Changing the location of the My Drive & Shared With Me folder or Team Drives folder

1. To change the location of your folder, click on Move after the current default file path. 

4. Remember to select a location outside of your Insync folder. You can also choose an external or network drive as your Insync folder by following the same steps above.

Changing the location of a synced top-level folder

1. Hover on the top-level folder and click the double arrow icon to change the folder’s location.

2. You will be prompted to choose another location for your chosen folder.

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