• Rules apply only to new items (ignore rules aren't applied retroactively). Make sure the files you want are not synced prior to including it in the list. 

  • The Ignore List works for specific file types and not full folder paths. 

  • If you need to ignore a complete folder, you must input its exact folder name. For example, if you want C:\Users\Username\\Test Folder ignored, then input test folder on the Ignore List. 

  • Ignoring symlinks is currently not supported.

1. Hover over your Google Account, then click Account Settings

2. Click on Ignore List. Use the drop-down menu beside the filename/extension, and choose between three rules to execute (as shown below). 

4. Click Apply to confirm. To make sure that the changes have been applied, quit Insync (right-click the tray icon > Quit) and restart the app.

If you're encountering any issues with the Ignore list, send a message via chat or email us at 

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